Ownermatch Co-Ownership

The Whistler Real Estate Company Ltd. is the exclusive Ownermatch representative in Whistler and the Sea-to-Sky. Ownermatch International offers a unique proprietary system that expertly “matches” and brings together buyers and sellers for a mutually beneficial co-ownership relationship.

The formula is simple: one luxurious “second home” property is equally owned by two, well-matched co-owners. Each owner enjoys six months “exclusive” use of the property every year according to a pre-determined schedule. Properties are professionally managed and costs are shared.

This is the perfect vehicle for those who rent nightly or seasonally (Buyer or Seller), or for those who are not in Whistler every weekend. It’s also a great way for some sellers to stay connected to the resort they love without 100 per cent of the investment.

The Ownermatch programme is more than just a form of fractional ownership. It’s unique feature is that the Seller and Buyer can customise the proprietary usage agreement to suit their particular requirements, plus the terms and conditions of ownership are agreed to uniquely between the parties, and not enforced by a third party, which is the current fractional model.

Through the proprietary agreements, the parties to the match arrange the perfect working relationship and a real estate win-win in terms of investment and usage.

Rather then agreeing to an inflexible and restrictive fractional program, we match up like-minded people with similar values and objectives.

Ownermatch is targeted at affluent buyers who are looking for smart recreational real estate opportunities that will bring a strong, part-time lifestyle component into their lives. It is for people who appreciate the lifestyle benefits of a high-quality Whistler property, but whose usage will be limited. They have the financial ability to invest in a property on their own, but they know that it would be wise to consider a co-investor to make the investment more prudent.

This program is currently being used successfully in Vail, Lake Tahoe, Arizona and California.

Benefits for present owners

  1. Sell a half interest in your Whistler recreational asset/property
  2. Withdraw half the value, making those resources available for other investments
  3. Reduce debt exposure
  4. Reduce all ownership costs by half
  5. Retain (a half interest) in your Whistler property as (a long-term investment)
  6. Protect the wonderful Whistler “lifestyle” you have built and use your asset as much as ever

Benefits for new purchasers

  1. Purchase a half interest in a more luxurious Whistler lifestyle experience/property more economically than purchasing a less appealing property on your own
  2. Indulge in a luxury resort home with more space, features, and amenities
  3. Pay only half of the purchase price and ongoing costs of ownership
  4. Enjoy a “Whistler luxury resort home experience” with family, friends & business associates for half the actual cost

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